[Drama] Media visit at “Healer” film set in Cheongju (Updated)


“Healer”, which is filmed in Cheongju, revealed its film set to the media today.

Actors Ji Chang Wook, Park Sang Won and Do Ji Won gave a warm appearance at the open set at the 4th floor of the old tobacco factory today.

Standing in a row, they gave bright smiles and posed for pictures for the reporters, and filmed in a friendly atmosphere.


The mayor of Cheongji city, Lee Seung Hoon, and the local media paid a visit to the film set, where they discussed with the lead actors about the first half of the drama “Healer”.

The open set that was revealed today is used as the home of the show’s main character, Seo Jung Hu. Filming will take place at various local attractions such as the Cheongnamdae Presidential Residence, Seong An Street, Gong Hang Road (Airport Road) and the Cheongju city district until 12 December.


Actress Do Ji Won’s agency Namoo Actors also revealed a photo of the “Healer” film set through their official social media account.


Director Lee Jung Seob said, “Maybe because Jin Cheon is my hometown, I feel attracted to the Chungbuk province,  so I ended up filming in Cheongju again for the drama ‘Healer’ this time. Thank you everyone for your help, and all the staff members will do our best and work together with one accord to carry the hopes of the residents of Cheongju city.”

PD Lee explained, “Because I previously filmed “Baker King Kim Tak Goo” and “Glory Jane” in Cheongju, I went beyond Cheongju this time, and went around searching for filming locations in places such as Gyeonggi-do and Paju. But I couldn’t get rid of the old tobacco factory in Cheongju that was embedded in my memory, so I ended up using Cheongju as the setting again this time. When we pass through the toll gate of Cheongju, not just myself, but the film crew strangely also felt happy and at ease. It must because of being close to home.”


Ji Chang Wook, who plays the industry’s best messenger in the show, said, “Maybe because I’ve discussed a lot with the staff, so I really like the old tobacco factory that is being used as my house. I especially like the big screen on the wall. Although Seo Jung Hu may look like a forsaken youth in the eyes of others, he is a character who personally thinks he is leading a happy life. I will do my best to play this role.”


Actress Do Ji Won who appears with her graceful and beautiful looks said, “Because my character in the show sits on a wheelchair, I have stopped doing the exercises that I used to do diligently. Although Choi Myung Hee in the show is a woman like a lily who wishes to be loved by everyone, she is a charming character who will come forth bravely to fight for justice.”

Actor Park Sang Won who plays her husband in the drama said with a laugh, “The scenery of the Cheongnamdae Presidential Residence that the two of us use (as our home) in the show is very beautiful. Although there are many times where we visit Cheongnamedae for one scene in a day, it gives us healing just like the drama’s title.”



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