[Magazine] K-Wave Magazine December 2014 Issue


The December issue of K-Wave is finally out!


The English translation of his interview:


Pictures that did not make the final cut to the magazine:

It is quite unfortunate that so many of these nice pictures were not included in the actual magazine 😦

A hardcopy of the magazine can be obtained for free from South Korean embassies around the world.
Softcopy of the magazine can be downloaded here: http://kpop.kbs.co.kr/kmagazine/kmagazine_201412.php

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5 thoughts on “[Magazine] K-Wave Magazine December 2014 Issue

  1. I will be checking this out since we’re about to apply for a Korean tourist visa this Feb. or better yet call them up if they have a copy here in Manila already. Thanks for the info! Hope I could see him when we visit Seoul in April in time for the Cherry Blossoms festivities.

    • According to the magazine publisher, the magazine is distributed in Singapore at the Korean embassy, Korean Tourism Organisation, Singapore Korean School, National Library, NUS and NTU (although honestly, I’ve never seen it at any of these locations before). You will probably need to make a trip down and ask the staff. But Ji Chang Wook’s feature is in the December issue, so I’m not sure if you can still get that issue since it’s almost Feb already.

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