[Drama] Ji Chang Wook shows unlimited ability to transform


Ji Chang Wook’s various character transformations in “Healer” are drawing attention.

On the morning of the 13th, the production team revealed a behind-the-scenes cut of Ji Chang Wook’s transformation abilities.

Through the released pictures, one can briefly see the 1cm of Ji Chang Wook hidden outside the camera. He ties a towel tightly over his head to act as a cleaner, and he holds the script in his hands, totally engrossed in analyzing his character.
Seo Jung Hu, whom Ji Chang Wook is acting as, is the best errand boy in the industry who goes by the code name “Healer”. Ji Chang Wook paints the complex character Seo Jung Hu who possesses beastly instincts and fighting skills, and also has a human side to him, capturing the audience’s attention within 2 episodes.

In particular, in order to hide his identity while carrying out his missions, he pulls off different kinds of disguises as a cleaner, researcher and university student, stirring interest from the audience in every scene. Looking like he is playing multiple characters as one person, his detailed acting that not only includes the appearance of his adept transformation but even his actions, make the drama even more interesting.
Ji Chang Wook said, “In order to do filming with various concepts, I will capture the special characteristics and points of every character I disguise myself as, and I try to show various changes not only through external appearance, but also through actions and feel. Thanks to the effort of the PD and staff who filmed nicely, I think they made the drama become more interesting also. I’ve been filming enjoyably and excitedly, and I am thankful that audiences seem to enjoy watching the show.”

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  1. On HEALER alone he (JCW) transforms on many faces, different kind of character, he has proven it, THE GOOD ACTOR ..

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