[Drama] “Healer” Ji Chang Wook goes undercover


“Healer” Ji Chang Wook will take on the challenge of working undercover.

In the KBS drama “Healer”, Ji Chang Wook, who is passionately playing the role of the industry’s best errand boy Seo Jung Hu, will transform into an entertainment reporter.

In the previously aired episode, Ji Chang Wook was a topic of discussion with his passionate acting and his transformation into a clumsy university student and an intelligent researcher as he went about doing his missions. In episode 3 that will be aired today, he is expected to draw interest as he begins his double life.

In the pictures, Ji Chang Wook draws attention with appearances that are in stark contrast to the “Healer” dressed in all-black fashion and oozing with chic charisma. He, who leads a life very different from the ordinary lives of common people, goes undercover as an entertainment reporter with a feeble image, which makes us wonder what could be the reason behind that.

In the show, Seo Jung Hu is a character who has no concern about worldly affairs and is able to comfortably perform agile action such as jumping between tall buildings. But his perfect, chameleon-like transformations into another person in order to accomplish his mission made audiences impressed, and makes us curious as to what kind of tricks he will pull off to surprise audiences.

A representative of Ji Chang Wook said, “The hidden faces of Healer Seo Jung Hu will be revealed in today’s episode. Please look forward to seeing a higher level of acting from Ji Chang Wook.”


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