[Drama] Ji Chang Wook’s dilemma in the face of danger in “Healer”


The characters of Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young encounter danger in “Healer”.

The production team of KBS drama “Healer” released a still cut of Seo Jung Hu and Chae Young Shin in a dangerous situation.

In the revealed pictures, Seo Jung Hu and Chae Young Shin are seen looking frightened as they are surrounded by men in black suits. Young Shin is hit against the wall and Seo Jung Hu wears a tensed expression on his face, and one can guess that they are caught in a critical situation. 

What catches the eye in particular is Jung Hu’s dressing. Although he is the best errand boy in the industry with excellent fighting skills, he is dressed up as the clumsy rookie reporter Park Bong Su in the pictures. Because he is wearing a disguise to hide his identity from Young Shin, this is a risky situation where he cannot behave recklessly, which makes audiences curious as to how Jung Hu will overcome the danger.
In the previous episode, Seo Jung Hu was targeted as a murder suspect but ignored Cho Min Ja’s orders to “put work aside for the time being and retreat”, and showed a stubborn attitude to catch the culprit himself. Jung Hu who had been watching Chae Young Shin secretly all this while, suddenly sensed that Kim Moon Ho was using Chae Young Shin as a bait to trap him, and started to be suspicious of his identity. Jung Hu, who plans to get rid of the false charge laid upon him by using Chae Young Shin as a bait, makes a daring move by working undercover at her workplace.
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