[Drama] Ji Chang Wook’s tough first day at work brings on the laughs


How was the Healer’s first day of work disguised as a rookie entertainment reporter?

The production team of “Healer” released a still cut that gives a sense of Seo Jung Hu’s tiring first day at work, whereby he disguised himself as a rookie entertainment reporter in order to spy on Chae Young Shin.

In the released pictures, Seo Jung Hu shows his tiring life at the office through his various changes in expression, which ranges from cowering with a surprised look while looking at someone, to supporting his drunk senior Chae Young Shin. One can see Seo Jung Hu’s eventful day after meeting the wacky Chae Young Shin.
His appearance as he gets dragged along by Young Shin’s father Chae Chi Soo and Chul Min (the ex-convict ahjusshi who works at their cafe) is especially attention-grabbing. The obvious look of exhaustion in his unfocused eyes and his men-boong expression filled with confusion make us pity him and laugh at the same time.

In episode 3, Seo Jung Hu went undercover at the news agency where Young Shin works using the fake name Park Bong Su in order to find the mastermind who framed him as a murderer. Unaware of this fact, Young Shin led and took care of the clumsy newbie. Seo Jung Hu’s undercover job and the story development raise expectations for episode 4.

*Men-boong is Korean slang for “mental breakdown”

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