[Drama] Press meet with the cast of “Healer” (with video)

Actors Ji Chang Wook, Yoo Ji Tae and Park Min Young met the press at the film set of “Healer” in Paju, Gyeonggi-do on 16 December.

Ji Chang Wook spoke about his action scenes in the show, “Although there is a lot of action in the drama, I have not sustained any major injuries.  The stuntmen helped me a lot, and the action team took a lot of effort to ensure that I do not get hurt. There are times where it may be dangerous, but I cannot afford to get injured in the future either.”

Park Min Young said, “Ji Chang Wook who is doing all the real action doesn’t get injured, but I am the one getting hurt everyday. Ji Chang Wook does action very well, but I got kicked by a stuntman while sitting next to him during a filming.” She added, “Although it wasn’t a big injury, I’m embarrassed that I got injured instead of Ji Chang Wook such that I couldn’t bring myself to tell anyone about it.”

To this, Ji Chang Wook said, “She wasn’t moving at all, so I was surprised that she got hit on her face. It must’ve hurt but she kept quiet,” drawing laughter from the crowd.
Ji Chang Wook, who plays the two characters Healer and Park Bong Su with ease in the show, said, “Healer and Park Bong Su are very different characters. Their set-up were very different from the start. They were purposely made to be very different.”

He continued, “Actually, the character Healer is also very handsome in daily life, but I’m not that handsome on normal days. I’m not so serious or handsome like Healer. I’m usually more similar to Park Bong Su.” Yoo Ji Tae who heard this begged to differ, “No, you are not. I think Ji Chang Wook’s usual appearance is also handsome.”
Ji Chang Wook shared his thoughts about his love-line with Park Min Young being described as a pink romance (*this is just a korean way of describing a romantic relationship), “Firstly, I think it is very fortunate that it is called a ‘pink romance’. I guess it is a good influence.”

“I am personally having a lot of fun filming and it is very interesting on set. The weather may be cold, but we are filming very warmly on set. When we come early to the set in the morning, we greet each other with ‘Hello, good morning’. Even if we don’t look nice in the morning, we still work hard to film with fun,” he said, describing the overall atmosphere at the film set. “We intend to continue with the pink romance in the future. Maybe it will become slightly redder also,” he rattled on, drawing laughter from the crowd.

Ji Chang Wook, who is filming “Healer” and performing at the musical “The Days” at the same time, said “I am still coping fine stamina-wise.” This is because filming for “Healer” started early.  “Even though the show has already started airing, the schedule does not feel that tight to me. I can also receive healing while performing on stage,” he revealed.

Ji Chang Wook said, “Although it is also the same for the other staff members, everyone is working hard and having fun filming at the same time. Actually, there is a big danger of getting injured in action scenes, but I try hard not to get hurt.”

Park Min Young spoke about her dancing and singing to the song “Hug” in the drama. She later added, “I personally hope that Yoo Ji Tae and Ji Chang Wook will dance also. I went to see Ji Chang Wook’s musical before. He sings well, but his dancing is not very good, so I think it will be good if Ji Chang Wook were to show his dancing.”

Yoo Ji Tae said, “Ji Chang Wook looked very handsome singing on stage. He looks like the main lead in a romance comic.” (*Yoo Ji Tae used the word sunjung manhwa, which literally means “romance comic”. Coincidentally, Yoo Ji Tae also starred in a romance film titled “Sunjung Manhwa/Hello Schoolgirl”, which makes me wonder if he was making a pun…)
Ji Chang Wook also joked about Seo Jung Hu who said “This is not worth 5 million won” in the drama. Ji Chang Wook said, “He received 5 million won, but this sum is too little when compared to the assignment. This isn’t right,” inciting laughter from the crowd. “This is really not worth 5 million won. There was really a lot of action and filming was also tiring. For such a job, I thought ‘Shouldn’t he be paid more money?'”

Yoo Ji Tae spoke about the show’s future development. “Up till now, the set-up needed for the development of the case has been shown. The future episodes are expected to be centered more on the case. As Moon Ho tries to find out more about Chae Young Shin, Seo Jung Hu will slowly be drawn closer to the centre of the case. The developments that will happen up till the 7th-8th episode are very interesting.”
This post is a summary of excerpts related to Ji Chang Wook compiled from various news articles. 

KBS provides a short video of the press conference on the set:

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