[Award] Ji Chang Wook nominated for “Healer” in KBS Drama Awards 2014!


Ji Chang Wook has been nominated for various awards in the 2014 KBS Drama Awards for his role in “Healer”, and fans will be able to take part in the voting!

Held annually, this year’s awards ceremony will be aired live on KBS on 31 December 2014 (Wednesday) at 8.30pm KST.

Firstly, his drama “Healer” will be competing in the Short Length Drama category against “Inspiring Generation”, “Golden Cross”, “Joseon Gunman” and “The King’s Face”.

This is somewhat surprising given that “Healer” just started airing not long ago, and it would be rather premature to judge its quality and give away awards based on whatever little has been aired. But I can see why KBS would rather have “Healer” run for the awards this year, as audiences would have largely forgotten about it by the end of next year. I’m not too confident about “Healer” winning in this category though, as there is at least one competitor here that has garnered higher ratings than “Healer”. And you know, ratings do matter in Korea.


Although it is not stated explicitly on KBS’ website, we can safely assume that Ji Chang Wook and the other two leads will be nominated for Best Actor/Best Actress prizes respectively. This will be left to the judges at KBS to decide who wins.

But this doesn’t mean that we fans can sit back and relax! We’ve got work to do.

Ji Chang Wook is listed as one of the contenders for the following categories that will be decided by online voting:


Voting has already started and will end on 30 December 2014, at 12 midnight. Only KBS members will be allowed to vote. Each person will only be given ONE chance to vote, so choose wisely!! Simply click on the links above to go to the voting page.

KBS Registration Guide:

To register with KBS, you can do so by following the instructions below: (We recommend that you use Internet Explorer)

1. Go to the registration page –> https://sso.kbs.co.kr/SSO/KBSWeb/member/Select.aspx

2. You will be directed to a page as seen below (screenshot 1).

a. Choose “Click here for foreigner (English)” to view the page in English.
b. Select “Foreigner Living Abroad”.


Screenshot 1

3. You will then be directed to the sign-up page (screenshot 2).

a. Tick the two boxes to agree to the terms and conditions.
b. Under “Identification Check”, you can choose to register with your passport number OR social security number (your personal identification card  number in your own country). When you are done, click on the blue button. A pop-up box will appear, just click OK.
*Note: You may get an error message here if you use Firefox or Google Chrome, so please switch to Internet Explorer browser if you have this problem.


Screenshot 2

4. Fill up your personal information accordingly (screenshot 3).

a. Under ID (your account username), you will need to click on “Check Available” in order to proceed.
b. You need to submit a copy of your passport, personal identification card or driving license for KBS to verify your identity. For convenience, you can choose “By uploading image file” to submit a scanned copy with this application. Do note that the image file should be in either JPG, GIF or PNG format, no larger than 400kb. If you choose to submit by fax, you will need to do so within one week or else your application will be void.


Screenshot 3


5. Once you are done, you should see a page that says your registration has been completed. However, you won’t be able to vote immediately, until KBS has finished verifying your identity. Verification takes a few days, but it should be completed within 1 week.


All the best to Ji Chang Wook and the cast!

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  1. I wonder if JCW will go to the red carpet for KBS Awards night. I hope he will…Usually the star actors go to the red carpet if they ‘know’ they will get an award. Everything has been arranged in advance. I heard that Park Min Young will be on the red carpet.

  2. Admin why i cant sign up/register yet??
    i was visited kbs sites and try register
    with social reg. number
    i was filled my phone number
    with my id card
    whats wrong with this??
    im from indonesia please reply

    • We are unsure why the registration process is not working for you. We suggest you contact KBS directly – there should be a link on the registration page where you can email them with any questions. Hope this helps!

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