[Drama] Ji Chang Wook grows in his acting through constant practice


The secret behind actor Ji Chang Wook’s growth in his acting has been revealed.  

Behind-the-scenes cuts of Ji Chang Wook, who has earned his seat as a dependable actor once again through the drama “Healer”, are drawing attention.   

In the show, Ji Chang Wook puts the audience in awe through his passionate acting that transcends between the charismatic Healer with agile action skills and the feeble entertainment reporter Park Bong Su in every episode. Even when the camera is turned off, one can sense the source of his passion in the drama from the look of him being totally engrossed in practising as they travel from one place to another.

Ji Chang Wook, who shows unrivaled growth in his acting as an actor in his 20s and is filled with overwhelming passion, chooses “hard work” and “reading the script over and over again” as his strengths and differentiating points. At various filming locations, he is either reading his script or having close interaction with the staff, showing his good personality and affection for the show and his character.

Moreover, Ji Chang Wook, who runs across rooftops and performs difficult action even in the sub-zero cold weather, does not show a look of tiredness and provides encouragement on set with his bright expression. Ji Chang Wook, who had been continuously exercising before the first filming, is recognised as an energizer, and makes people anticipate his performance even more.

A representative of Ji Chang Wook said, “As the weather gets colder, Ji Chang Wook is even more careful and focused when filming his action stunts. The teamwork between the actors and staff is good and we will likely be able to create even better scenes.”

Actor Ji Chang Wook, a passionate guy who creates a 1% possibility with 99% hard work, can be seen in “Healer” every Monday and Tuesday on KBS at 10pm.

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