[Drama] Ji Chang Wook enjoys a lonely chicken feast in “Healer”

KBS2 has made public stills of Ji Chang Wook as Healer’s Seo Jeong Hu, the best messenger in the industry.

Published photos show Ji Chang Wook enjoying his leisure time at Seo Jeong Hu’s hideout.  The sight of Seo Jeong Hu, who is always running and jumping across rooftops dressed in his black Healer attire and armed with the latest smart devices, enjoying his own time without a care in the world, is unusual. 

Moreover,  audiences will be able to identify with Ji Chang-wook‘s familiar appearance in the picture.  The sight of him wearing a comfortable tracksuit outfit with matching white socks while rolling on the sofa focusing on his cell phone makes one recall memories of one’s own weekend.

In particular, the way he settles his meals with instant food such as instant rice and chicken highlights the laziness and loneliness of the man Seo Jung Hu who lives alone.

Credit:  Top Star News

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