[Instagram Update] 21 December 2014


또하루 멀어져 간다..
외롭게 나만 남은 이공간..
매일 이별하며 살고 있구나..
#서른즈음에 #혼자남은밤 #김광석

Yet another day goes further away..
In this place I am left lonely and alone..
We live bidding goodbye each day..
#Around 30 #A Night Left Alone #Kim Gwang Seok

*He is quoting lyrics from two songs by Kim Gwang Seok — “Around 30” and “A Night Left Alone“. The two songs appear in “The Days” musical, and he is especially fond of the latter song.

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    • Not at this time. That notice from Glorious was intended for the people attending the ‘Free-Spirited Muyeong’ musical/fan meeting on 27 December. JCW will pull a couple of emails from all submissions to read on stage after the show, and those whose letters are chosen will receive a small prize. But you must be attending in person in order to have your email selected and read.

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