[Drama] “Healer” stunt director heaps praise on Ji Chang Wook


“Healer” stunt director Jung Du Hong praised actor Ji Chang Wook for his action skills.

Ji Chang Wook’s grand action scene in the best five minutes at the end of the episode was the topic of much discussion. Stunt director Jung Du Hong, who is in charge of directing the action scenes in “Healer”, drew interest for his generous praise towards Ji Chang Wook. 

Director Jung Du Hong is popular among the public for his grand, stylish action direction, and is among the best in South Korea, having worked on numerous movies such as “Berlin”, “Haemoo (Sea Fog)”, and “Kundo: Age of the Rampant”.


Action veteran Director Jung Du Hong praised Ji Chang Wook as “an actor who does action really well”, and said, “He shows extraordinary concentration at the film set more than anyone. He shows passion and sincerity in his action, and he has a natural talent for action that does not pale in comparison to other actors who specialise in action”.

Director Jung Du Hong, who possesses extraordinary passion for action, and Ji Chang Wook immediately captured the attention of viewers through the grand “iron bar action scene”. Ji Chang Wook moves around freely while executing high-level action stunts perfectly, overwhelms his opponent with his strong gaze, and also embraced the female lead Chae Young Shin, showing a new kind of action called “Emotional Action”.


The production team of “Healer” said, “Ji Chang Wook’s action is continuous. In the future, we expect to offer richer things to see in the show through very different kinds of action. Director Jung Du Hong, the rest of the staff and Ji Chang Wook are filming passionately without holding back anything even in the cold weather. Please look forward to action that will make your heart race.”


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