[Drama] Ji Chang Wook transforms into a homeless man in “Healer”


Ji Chang Wook has transformed into a homeless man.

The production team of “Healer” released pictures of Ji Chang Wook sound asleep on a roadside bench covered with newspapers.

In episode 4 aired on the 16th, Seo Jung Hu risked danger to save Chae Young Shin who was in danger of being kidnapped after reporting about the case of sexual abuse by the Seoul mayor candidate. This makes audience curious about the reason that could have made him degenerate to a homeless person the next day.

In the released pictures, Ji Chang Wook draws attention with the sight of him curled up because of the cold weather and covered up with his jacket. To protect himself from the cold, he even covers himself with newspapers, which can be considered a necessity for homeless people, and one can sense the detail in Ji Chang Wook’s acting.

In yet another picture, the sight of Chul Min (the ahjusshi who works at the cafe) discovering Jung Hu lying on the bench, and then approaching closer while staring at him blankly, is laughter-inducing. Jung Hu lets out a surprised expression upon seeing Chul Min, increasing anticipation for what will happen during the meeting between these two at such an unusual place in episode 5 tonight.


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