[Drama] The untold story of Healer episode 4


If I were to mention episode 4 of “Healer”, I’m sure many would easily recall the impressive action scene shown in the last few minutes of the episode. If you need me to jolt your memory, it would be the scene where Healer swooped in to save Chae Young Shin, swinging like a monkey on an iron bar and kicking his enemies.

Perhaps, this thought might have crossed your mind then: “Did Ji Chang Wook really perform those stunts himself?” That question did certainly pop up in my mind, and I even tried pausing the video several times to try and see the face of the person swinging on the bar. After all, those stunts were really physically demanding and seemed to defy gravity even. Not that I doubt his capabilities, but since he admitted to using stuntmen, I can’t help but wonder if it’s really him doing all those impressive stunts.

But looks like someone might have given us the answer to this question… 

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Well, fans of Kim Mi Kyung (aka hacker Ahjumma) organised food support for the team of “Healer” at the film set in Paju on 19th December. One of the fans who helped out with the food support that day shared his/her story on the message board of KBS’ official website.

This is what the fan shared:


The reason why I’m writing this account on the message board…is because of a story I heard when I visited the film set.

It is a pity that only I am aware of this…
Ji Chang Wook nim who is playing the role of Healer…I heard that he really does most of the action scenes himself and hardly uses any stuntmen.
Ah….really…. ㅠ.ㅠ tears~
Especially the last scene that appeared in episode 4…the Iron Bar scene!!!
I was told that almost everything in this scene was done by him without any stuntmen…
The weather was extremely cold that day…
On such a cold day…his bare hands were actually on that iron bar….
If you grab frozen-hard iron chopsticks that had been placed in the freezer, the feeling when the chopsticks touch your palm is so painful like it will graze your palm…
It’s already so painful with iron chopsticks…and even more so with an iron bar…
He even had to swing around and perform action stunts on it……
The moment I heard that….my heart was so touched~
I really cannot imagine another actor playing a Healer just like Healer, a Jung Hu just like Jung Hu…..I will support Ji Chang Wook and Kim Mi Kyung together…

I was really touched after reading it, and I also found myself having a new-found respect for Ji Chang Wook (not like I haven’t already). Of course, the fan who wrote that fan account may not have personally seen him performing the stunts, and only heard about it from a staff member.  But assuming what the staff said to be true, then Ji Chang Wook’s efforts should not go unnoticed! Given how much he has suffered for the action scenes, it’s quite a pity that his face was not clearly captured on camera during that scene, no thanks to his outfit that hid most of his face, and the lack of slow-motion close-up camera shots.

But whatever the case, I know I’ll now be watching this scene with a new set of eyes.

And really, many thanks to the kind fan of Hacker Ahjumma for sharing this!

KBS Healer message board

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  1. Thanks for sharing this and the accounts of that kind fan of hacker ahjumma! These action scenes were really breathtaking…I am so speechless! JCW only proves that he is truly a versatile actor! Kudos!

  2. When I watched this scene in my head I knew somehow I got the feeling that it’s actually Chang Wook himself did the action not by the stuntman.. Now that someone confirmed it I really admire and acknowledge the great effort he puts in for this show… Chang Wook Ah fighting! And don’t let yourself get hurt ok? Healer himnae!!

  3. I think I saw JCW wore gloves when doing the iron bar scene. 😉 Anyway, he’s an awesome actor! Thanks for the article!

  4. All I can say is: WOW!! 😱👍👏
    I am so impressed by Wookie. Thank you very much for sharing this amazing info with us as well. And now I’m going to rewatch this scene again…and again hahaha 😁

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