[Event] Ji Chang Wook lends support to “The Tenor”


On 22 December 2014, the VIP premiere of “The Tenor: Lirico spinto,” starring Yoo Ji Tae and Cha Ye Ryun was held at the Lotte Cinema in Cheongnyangni, Seoul.  Several celebrities appeared on behalf of the production, including Ji Chang Wook in support of his hyung and “Healer” co-star, Yoo Ji Tae.

“The Tenor” is a film based on the real story of a world-class opera singer who while at the top of his career, is suddenly diagnosed with thyroid cancer.  Yoo Ji Tae stars as the titular tenor Bae Jae Chul, and this movie chronicles his life while he attempts to overcome this tragedy in order to stand on the stage yet again.

“The Tenor” opens in theatres on 31 December.  Here’s some more shots from the photo wall:

And a video of the “Healer” cast:

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