[Drama] Hardworking actor Ji Chang Wook showcases passionate action scenes in “Healer”


Actor Ji Chang Wook’s swift transformation ability has been the topic of much discussion.

In the drama “Healer”, the active Ji Chang Wook is earning warm reception for his passionate acting with his gaze in an instant that makes the heart race.

In the drama, Ji Chang Wook shows the beauty of thrilling contrasts by playing the genius night messenger Seo Jung Hu and the innocent entertainment reporter Park Bong Su. There is now heightened interest in Ji Chang Wook as he encompasses both the charms of the Healer, whom you want to lean on, and Bong Su, who makes you naturally want to protect him.  

Especially at the end of episode 5, he captures attention with the sight of him analysing the situation with a composed look in his eyes as he embraced Chae Young Shin, who was in a panic from the fright because of President Hwang’s act of violence. Although he looked like a pathetic Bong Su on the surface, his appearance as the charismatic Healer with a sharp gaze heightens the tension.

In the photos, Ji Chang Wook can be seen coordinating with other actors and the wire and practising hard. Even under sub-zero temperatures, one can see his seriousness and passion put into completing unique action scenes for the drama.

Moreover, stunt director Jung Du Hong who is directing Ji Chang Wook’s action scenes had praised him, saying “he has a natural talent for action that does not pale in comparison to other actors who specialise in action”, increasing excitement for Ji Chang Wook’s style of action that will be shown in the future.

A representative of Ji Chang Wook said, “There are many action scenes that are of high difficulty, but Ji Chang Wook always places safety as his priority and he is focused even during practice, as though he is doing the actual filming. He is also enjoying it personally and he also works very well with Director Jung Du Hong, so you can look forward to more awesome scenes.”

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  1. JCW is a truly multitalented actor in many ways, such as action, romance, and on a musical stage scenes. His facial and eyes expressions are so beautiful and awesome when he acts his characters. In addition, he also is a very hard working actor as well. Way to go JCW! I enjoy so much watching all his performances! ❤

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