[Drama] Seeing double with two Healers


The original “Healer” Oh Gwang Rok has made his appearance.

The production team of “Healer” released photos showing the 100% synchronised action of the current Healer Seo Jung Hu (played by Ji Chang Wook) and the original Healer (played by Oh Gwang Rok).

In the pictures, the identical-looking images of  Ji Chang Wook and Oh Gwang Rok catch the eye. They both show a perfectly synchronised look with Healer’s trademark inconspicuous black outfit and use of gadgets. Their sharp gaze as they spy on someone and their pose as they hide secretly behind a wall show the similarity between master and student, drawing laughter. 

In episode 5, Ki Young Jae who appeared only with his voice, is one of the five friends who ran the illegal radio station, and he is the teacher who handed over the code name Healer and the messenger job to Jung Hu.

Besides that, Ki Young Jae is a character who bears direct relation to the secret of the incident that happened in 1992 which connects Jung Hu, Young Shin and Moon Ho, and he is also connected to Jung Hu’s past which is still shrouded in mystery. Hence, Ki Young Jae’s appearance has increased audience’s anticipation for the show.


He is expected to make his first proper appearance in episode 6, raising interest among viewers as to whether the secret of the 1992 incident and the story of the parents’ generation will be revealed.

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