[Musical] Actor Lee Gun Myung sings praises of Ji Chang Wook


In a recent interview with TV Daily at a cafe in Daehangno, actor Lee Gun Myung who stars in the musical “The Days” was full of praises for his co-star Ji Chang Wook.

In the musical, Lee Gun Myung plays the role of Jung Hak, the leader of the presidential bodyguards, while Ji Chang Wook stars as his fellow bodyguard colleague Moo Yung, who has vanished. Lee Gun Myung said, “Ji Chang Wook and I really match very well. To put it in one word, Ji Chang Wook is a *nan nom. He is hardworking and his eyes are slightly different from other actors.”


He continued, “Previously in the musical ‘Jack The Ripper’, we gave a similar impression as actors because our lines in the script were similar. There was only a difference in the kind of feeling we gave within that. But Ji Chang Wook brought us a completely new character. The character that Ji Chang Wook acted out was not awkward to watch, but I felt that ‘This (portrayal of the) character is also correct. This is also possible’. Ji Chang Wook is an actor who looks at the world rather differently and isn’t *generic.” (*The term he uses here is 천편일률, an idiom that literally means 千篇一律 in Chinese, which means that something is always similar and repetitive.)

“Ji Chang Wook is a very strong friend and although he’s already doing well now, he is a friend who is not lacking in external appearance, ability or personal character. I think he will continue to do well as a musical actor in the future.”


Lee Gun Myung (left) performing with Ji Chang Wook (right) in “The Days”.


*Nan nom (난놈) is a conjugated Korean term to describe someone who excels in many fields.

Translated and adapted from TV Daily

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