[Drama] The six faces of Ji Chang Wook behind-the-scenes of “Healer”


On the 26th, Ji Chang Wook’s management agency revealed the hidden faces of Ji Chang Wook behind the camera.

In the drama “Healer”, Ji Chang Wook shows passionate acting as he transitions between the charismatic Healer with agile and grand action scenes, and the rookie entertainment reporter Park Bong Soo who makes you want to protect him. But the plain look of him, who is now recognised as a hardworking actor, is all the more eye-catching. 
In the pictures, his bright smile clearly shows the warm atmosphere at which he is filming with passionate and fun.

Especially, the liveliness of Ji Chang Wook shown in the highlights special of “Healer” from episode 1 to 6 that was aired on Christmas Day drew a warm response from audiences.  Viewers were excited over whether Ji Chang Wook would become the key to untie the entangled relationship between Park Min Young (as Chae Young Shin) and Yoo Ji Tae (as Kim Moon Ho).

Moreover, there is increased anticipation for the unleashing of Ji Chang Wook’s acting abilities through the story development in the future.

A representative of his management agency said, “As the show approaches its mid-way mark, the developments are expected to get more interesting and Ji Chang Wook will also unleash all his hidden potential at once. Ji Chang Wook is always impressed every time the script is released, and he is acting with a strong confidence in the production, so please look forward (to the show).”

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    • Nope, the “highlights special” mentioned in the article is referring to the Christmas special broadcast of “Healer” aired on TV, which contained scenes from episode 1-6 edited into a 2-hour TV broadcast.

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