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건물(建物)은 높아졌지만
인격(人格)은 더 작아졌고, ​

고속도로(高速道路)는 넓어졌지만
시야(視野)는 더 좁아졌다.
소비(消費)는 많아졌지만
기쁨은 더 줄어들었고, ​

집은 커졌지만
가족(家族)은 더 적어졌다.
시간(時間)은 더 부족(不足)하고, ​

가진 것은 몇 배가 되었지만
소중한 가치(價値)는 더 줄어들었다.
학력(學力)은 높아졌지만
상식(相識)은 더 부족(不足)하고, ​

지식(知識)은 많아졌지만
판단력(判斷力)은 더 모자란다.
전문가(專門家)들은 늘어났지만
문제(問題)는 더 많아졌고, ​

약(藥)은 많아졌지만
건강(健康)은 더 나빠졌다.
돈을 버는 법(法)은 배웠지만
나누는 법(法)은 잊어 버렸고, ​

평균수명(平均壽命)은 늘어났지만
시간(時間) 속에 삶의 의미(意味)를 넣는 법(法)은 상실(喪失)했다.
달에 갔다 왔지만
길을 건너가 이웃을 만나기는 더 힘들어졌고, ​

우주(宇宙)를 향해 나아가지만
우리 안의 세계(世界)는 잃어버렸다.
공기(空氣) 정화기(淨化器)는 갖고 있지만 영혼(靈魂)은 더 오염(汚染)되었고, ​

원자(原子)는 쪼갤 수 있지만
편견(偏見)을 부수지는 못한다.
자유(自由)는 더 늘었지만
열정(熱情)은 더 줄어들었고, ​

세계평화(世界平和)를 많이 이야기하지만 마음의 평화(平和)는 더 줄어들었다.

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Buildings become taller but
Man’s moral character becomes smaller,

Expressways become wider but
one’s vision becomes narrower.
Consumption increases but
happiness decreases even more, ​

A home becomes bigger but
the family becomes smaller.
Life becomes more convenient but
time becomes more insufficient,

One’s possessions increase by many times but
the value you treasure diminishes more.
Your academic level becomes higher but
common sense becomes more insufficient,

Knowledge increases but
judgement is even more inadequate.
The number of experts increase but
problems increase even more,

Medicine is plentiful but
health deteriorates more. ​
You’ve learnt ways to earn money but
you’ve forgotten the way to share,

Average lifespan increases but
meaning given to life in that time span is lost.​
You’ve gone and returned from the moon but
crossing the road to meet your neighbour has become more difficult,

There is advancement towards space but
the world within us is lost.
We have air purifiers but
the soul has become more polluted,

Atoms can be split but
prejudice cannot be destroyed.
Freedom has increased but
passion has decreased even more,

We talk a lot about world peace but
inner peace has diminished even more.

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*This poem is originally an English poem titled “The Paradox of Our Time (우리 시대의 역설)”. The original author of this poem is disputed, but based on my research, it seems that most koreans (wrongly) attribute the poem to a Jeff Dickson, a boy who supposedly penned this after witnessing the killings during the 1999 Columbine High School Massacre in USA. Ji Chang Wook only posted a portion of the poem. The full poem can be read here (in korean) and here (in English with clearer explanation of its origins). 

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