[Drama] Ji Chang Wook’s and Park Min Young’s skinship on the rooftop in “Healer”


The close skinship between Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young in “Healer” is generating discussion.

The production team of “Healer” revealed the scene of Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young that shows their dangerous and affectionate romance in the drama.

In the revealed pictures, Chae Young Shin’s eyes are covered by a scarf  while Seo Jung Hy gently stares at her with eyes filled with melancholy. This makes people wonder what could have given Jung Hu, who cannot even reveal his face or speak about it, the opportunity to meet Young Shin, and also the reason for covering her eyes.  

Moreover, within a proximity so close that it would’ve been possible to hear each other’s breath, Jung Hu is seen holding Young Shin’s hands.  Healer who always conceals his true identity in front of her and vanishes suddenly, now meets her with his bare face, creating tension and excitement among viewers. Furthermore, there is increased anticipation for tonight’s broadcast as to what kind of conversation could the two of them be having while holding hands.

In episode 6 aired previously, Young Shin confessed to Jung Hu that she has a crush on the night messenger Healer. Although Young Shin made her confession thinking he is Park Bong Su, but Jung Hu is in fact using that name to disguise himself as a junior reporter. Viewers now watch to find out how Jung Hu will change after finding out about Young Shin’s feelings through her confession that didn’t seem like a confession, and also for their romance that is both moving and mysterious.

The production team said, “Episode 7 that will be aired tonight will show Jung Hu and Young Shin being attracted and swayed emotionally. The meeting between the two is both romantic and loving, so please look forward to it.”


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  1. The Healer just started airing here in the Philippines but i finished the full episode and just wanna say congratulations to the team behind it,,good job guys!!!i wish he visit our country and meet his fans 😀

  2. Oh my good! I can’t wait to streaming tonight! Even though i don’t understand what they speak about, but i can feel the romance in this eps! 😆

  3. Can anyone tell us how to vote coz we wanted to vote for ji chang wook and no one is helping us, we wanted to support him…hope admin will take actions to this, voting is almost done….thanks

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