[Drama] Actor Ji Chang Wook and his character are both evolving in “Healer”


Actor Ji Chang Wook’s impregnable heart has started to melt in “Healer”.

In the episode of “Healer” aired on the night of 30 December, Ji Chang Wook (Seo Jung Hu) started to become more aware of his feelings towards Park Min Young (Chae Young Shin).

The character Seo Jung Hu that Ji Chang Wook is playing is one who grew up as the only son of a father who had committed suicide and a mother who had remarried. As he had a childhood where everyone had left him, he shut himself up, hating to understand humans and had no concern for them.

But Seo Jung Hu who ended up hanging around Chae Young Shin because of Kim Moon Ho’s task, he started to be suspicious of his past and the people connected to his father. Here, he started to have good feelings for Chae Young Shin who calls him by the nickname “Bong Suk-ie”, making audiences more excited.

In particular, Seo Jung Hu who had stiffened because of events in the past, relaxed his expression upon receiving a message from Chae Young Shin who was worried about him, and the scene where he made “personal contact” with her by touching her forehead with his hand despite Kim Moon Ho’s warning to him not to make any personal contact with her showed his cute jealousy.

Moreoever, the ending where he kissed her when she was worried about him after he barely managed to save her in the falling escalator makes the show interesting as people wonder how his fate will change now that he has fallen in love.

As such, people are watching with interest to see what kind of healing Love will bring to the lonely life of Seo Jung Hu, who had forgotten how to cry. There is also greater expectation towards actor Ji Chang Wook who is portraying a man in love in detail.

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