[Drama] Ji Chang Wook and Ji Il Joo pose together as father and son


A photo of Ji Chang Wook and Ji Il Joo together as father and son is becoming a hot topic.

The production team of Healer has released a behind-the-scenes still of Ji Chang Wook and Ji Il Joo.

The released photo shows the filming of the scene in episode 8 where Myung Hee (played by Do Ji Won) mistook Jung Hu for Jun Seok. The scene gripped audiences with its unexpected story development.

In the photo, Ji Chang Wook and Ji Il Joo are seen dressed identically in the Healer’s outfit from head to toe. From the friendly look in their eyes to the shape of their lips and their gentle smile, the two of them looked so alike they could pass off as real father and son, showing their great coordination.

In particular, the sight of Ji Chang Wook gently resting his hand on Ji Il Joo’s shoulder and Ji Il Joo placing his hand over Ji Chang Wook’s is even more heartwarming. In the show, Jun Seok is a character who has already died, and the fate of the loving father and son who will never be able to meet in the drama arouses sympathy from viewers. There is also curiosity about the past incident in 1992 related to the death of Jun Seok.

Netizens commented on the photo, “No wonder Do Ji Won was mistaken”, “I would believe if you told me they were father and son”, “The two of them really look alike”, “I cannot forget the look in Jung Hu’s eyes when he saw his father’s photo”, “This is a photo that you will never get to see in the drama..it’s heartbreaking.”


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