[Instagram Update] 1 January 2015

7:29AM KST

새해첫날 새벽부터 힐러 촬영하러 청주로!! 모두 새해 복 많이 받으세요!!
그리고 힐러도 많이 사랑해 주세요
#2015년 #1월1일 #청주 #힐러 #10부

Headed to Cheonju for filming since dawn on the first day of the new year!!  Happy New Year everyone!!
Please love Healer a lot
#2015 #1 January #Cheongju #Healer #Episode 10
#Happy New Year


10:33pm KST
1월1일에도 열심히 촬영!!!
사실 정후집은 청주…
#정후아지트 #힐러 #집이추워
#추워도 #너무 #추워

Working hard on filming even on 1 January!!!
Actually Jung Hu’s house is in Cheong Ju…
#Jung Hu’s hideout #Healer #The house is cold #Although cold #Very #Cold #But still nice

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5 thoughts on “[Instagram Update] 1 January 2015

  1. Poor JCW! He has to work on a World’s holiday. ‘Healer’ is truly busy. He has to work on new year day. He is the best!! Ep 7 and 8 of Healer are really good, better than ep 6 which is kinda slow. I hope rating of Healer will be better when it reaches the climax.

  2. Thank you so much for this site. I will keep my eyes on your site. Happy New Year 🙂

    Are you a shipper of JCW and PMY?

  3. Happy new year from Germany c:
    Thank you to the staff of Ji Chang Wook’s Kitchen for allowing us all to take part in our favorite actor’s life at least a bit ❤
    I wish you all the best for 2015! May your dreams & hopes come true :3

  4. Happy New Year from California, USA! We love your acting, Ji Chang Wook! Please keep yourself warm and healthy!

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