[Drama] Ji Chang Wook gives Park Min Young a piggyback on the set of Healer


The production team of the KBS drama “Healer” that is making hearts race and causing sleepless nights revealed behind-the-scenes stills showing the harmonious atmosphere at the film set, becoming the topic of discussion.

The stills released this time show the elevator scene aired in episode 8 on 30 Dec, where Jung Hu saved Young Shin from the elevator like a hero with his animal-like instincts, drawing explosive response from many viewers.

In the released photos, Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young are seen looking intimate. Ji Chang Wook carries Park Min Young on his back with a big smile and she clings on him with a cheeky smile, showing the atmosphere of a film set filled with laughter.


Not only that, the two of them are seen standing side by side with their heads turned towards the same direction as they face the camera, drawing smiles from people.


On this day, the two of them were filming in an actual elevator, where they inspected the props and rehearsed meticulously to make the scene realistic.

Despite having to film the scene repeatedly, Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young never lost the smile from their faces and filled the set with laughter, giving energy to the tired staff.

A representative of “Healer” said, “Thanks to the two actors who are always so passionate, the film set is always so lively. Although they are serious during filming, they make the atmosphere at the set very warm with their cute playful antics. Thanks to them, we were able to make an awesome action scene on this day.”

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