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2014 was a fruitful year for Ji Chang Wook, who saw his popularity surge as he wowed audiences with his impressive performance in the highly successful drama “Empress Ki”, and he continues to heat up the screen this winter with heart-throbbing action and romance in his ongoing drama “Healer”. As 2014 drew to a close, Ji Chang Wook wrapped up the year with 2 more awards to add to his resume. What a great way to end off the year!

On the night of 31 December, Ji Chang Wook took home the Popularity Award and the Best Couple Award at the 2014 KBS Drama Awards for his performance in “Healer”.

The Popularity Award was jointly awarded to both Ji Chang Wook and Joo Won from “Tomorrow Cantabile”. However, this does not make the award any less prestigious. Although he did not win the Netizen Award (which was what we were allowed to vote for), the Popularity Award is a meaningful one as the winner is hand-picked by a judging committee comprising of drama PDs, scriptwriters, and entertainment reporters.

Besides that, Ji Chang Wook was nominated for the Excellence Actor – Mid Length Drama category, but lost out to his senior Lee Joon Gi from “Joseon Gunman” (no surprises here). On the bright side, it is great to see the two of them on the same screen again after working together in the MBC drama “Hero” back in 2009. Back then, Ji Chang Wook was only a rookie and played a minor character in the show. To think that they actually got nominated in the same category now 6 years later! Ji Chang Wook has come a long way indeed, and his senior is proud of him (look at how Lee Joon Gi smiled at him in the video! And they even hugged after the event…*sobs*).


Ji Chang Wook also bagged the Best Couple Award with Park Min Young in “Healer”. The Best Couple Award also went to four other couples from other KBS dramas, namely, Kim Sang Kyung and Kim Hyun Joo from “What’s With This Family”, Lee Joon Gi and Nam Sang Mi from “Joseon Gunman”, Nam Ji Hyun and Park Hyung Shik from “What’s With This Family”, and Eric and Jung Yoo Mi from “Discovery of Love”. A NG footage of one of the couples was aired, so it was a pity that they did not have enough time to air the video of our Healer couple (me thinks the “lack of time” is just an excuse for not having enough romantic scenes to show since Healer is still airing). But I’m sure Ji Chang Wook (who seems like a nervous wreck again) is more than happy to leave the stage earlier.

Prior to all these, Ji Chang Wook also appeared as a prize presenter with actress Han Chae Ah to give away the Netizen Award. Simply because Healer the tech whiz is the best person to use a smartphone to present such an award. But unfortunately he wasn’t given a gadget to calm his nerves as he tripped over his words.

In other good news, it was also revealed that viewership ratings for the awards ceremony was at its highest at 16.5% when Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young made their acceptance speech for the Best Couple award, making it the best 1-minute of the show that was watched by the most number of people. (Source)

Check out the compilation of Ji Chang Wook’s appearances at the ceremony in the English-subbed video below: (I’ve tried to include all his scenes, but I could have missed out a few seconds…)



Photos from the red carpet ceremony can be found here.

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  1. I’m so glad to have found this post – had somehow missed it in my search for EVERYTHING about that sweet handsome actor. And I really appreciate the English subs!

  2. Thank you, again! I just keep coming back to this site again and again!
    And i agree that he is one of the most humble and considerate person on the planet Earth. About his awkwardness, well he doesn’t like attention, remember? I can so well understand his nervousness, he is shy yet he covers it well with his smile. Sincerity? If he doesn’t seem sincere then, please tell me the actual meaning of that word. Someone, please?

  3. As always, thanks for subbing the video and bringing more of everything that is JCW to international fans! He definitely seems very nervous and anxious through the entire award show. My heart felt for him during the very awkward position the female comedian put him in when asking him about what type of women he prefers. But I figured anyone in the entertainment business should be accustomed and ready for those type of questions but still…I just wish he would laugh and smile a bit more at these shows. He seems really nervous and uptight which is totally understandable (b/c I tend to be the same; that one mind focus on not messing up). JCW and JCWKITCHEN fighting! ^,^

  4. Thank you for this interesting part of KBS Drama Awards 2014…..I’m happy…..the english subtitle helped me a lot to understand….congratulations for Ji Chang Wook !!! I admire him a lot…..thank you again !!

  5. Only time ever to comment on a korean actor. Thought JCW is a good actor though i have only watch him in Healer drama. Given with good looks, great diverse acting, just wish he shows not too much ‘careful personality’ so that sincerity can be seen in his interviews or maybe he is just very shy i guess. im sure he can show more sense of humour too. dont know why he does not bow sincerely like other more famous actors like his age range, jo woon, rain, lee seungi, woo bin. still Congratulations and Goodluck JCW 😀

    • Hi and thanks for your nice appraisal of his acting! We’ll just have to politely disagree with a possibly preconceived notion of Chang-wook, because that’s not what we have personally witnessed over the years, both in print and in person. He’s well-known for being extremely earnest and polite, and those attributes are shown over and over in his demeanor during his interviews and interactions with the public. You can see that sincerity in the fancams taken after every photoshoot, every behind-scene moment, and every arrival and departure from his musical venue where he attempts to make time to greet everyone in attendance. And most recently in the fancams taken after the KBS Drama Awards, he bowed so many times that everyone was calling him Ji Kku Bok (“Ji Bow”). If that doesn’t show sincerity and humility, then I don’t know what else would. He’s a young actor with lots to offer, and the sky is the limit for him right now. We suggest watching some of his previous dramas and reading more of the translated interviews on our site in order to get a better feel for both his on- and off-screen personalities. Thanks again for writing!

      • I agree with you. that’s why i love him on and off the screen. He looks like a shy and polite person. He looked nervous but he covered it with a smile. It’;s very cute. I really can’t wait for his other projects. i still can”t take my mind off from healer,

  6. Thank you for the English sub! 🙂
    JCW and PMY look pretty shy here.
    Looking forward to seeing more of their excellent performances!!

  7. ” On the bright side, it is great to see the two of them on the same screen again after working together in the MBC drama “Hero” back in 2009… To think that they actually got nominated in the same category now 7 years later! ” —> There’s a typo in your article, it is 5 years later, not 7 years. 😉

    • Ah yes, thanks for pointing that out. Was typing it way past my bedtime hehe. 6 years in fact, because it’s already the new year!

  8. I think KBS just tried to ‘distribute’ the awards between actors. After watching ‘Healer’, I became to understand about the political and entertainment system. The rich and powerful people are always behind the decision. Anyway, I’m very happy that there are 2 more awards added to JCW’s resume. It’s funny that Lee Jun Ki and Ji Chang Wook are nominated in the same category. Who did you root for, Gabby? 😉 You can only choose one. LOL

  9. Many many thx!
    Happy New Year 2015 to all admins of JCW kitchen!
    I really want to see pic that ljk huged our Cw. Both are my favourite. Can u share? Thx!

    • Unfortunately, I don’t have permission to share it 😦 And LJG’s face wasn’t captured clearly in the photo anyway. Just know that they are on good terms! ^__^

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