[Drama] Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young transform into a luxury couple in “Healer”


“Healer” Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young underwent a complete transformation.

The production team of “Healer” revealed stills showing Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young newly reborn as a luxury couple.

In the revealed pictures, Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young catch the eye with their completely new style. Decked out in a suit and dress respectively, they making people look at them in awe.

Firstly, Ji Chang Wook catches attention with his hair neatly combed back. He shows an appearance of a “suit king” like no other with his broad shoulders and distinctive facial features.

Park Min Young also catches the eye with her bright red dress that shows off her curves. She also channels elegance with her hair neatly tied up.

Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young who are usually dressed in gentleman outfits and casual wear respectively, underwent a perfect makeover to become a luxury couple looking like third generation chaebols, increasing interest in episode 9 for the reason behind this makeover.

*The other guy seen in the photo is comedian Nam Hee Seok, who is making a cameo in episode 9 as an eccentric stylist called Michel who runs an upscale boutique salon. He will apparently show a lot of adlibs in his scene. He was roped in because he is friends with actor Choi Seung Kyung (who plays the nerdy reporter Yeo Gi Ja in “Healer”) and he also worked with the director in “Ohlala Couple” previously.

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  1. Appreciate you guys for all what you did! Thanks for the translation and wish you all the best…Monday is no longer blue these days, just can’t wait!!

  2. Can’t wait to see this transformation! Also, looking forward to both Jung Hoo and Young Shin’s reaction to the kiss.. Thankfully, I don’t have to wait for long, cos it’s Healer day after all!

  3. Thank you so much for keeping us updated cuz it has created a lot of anticipation on the story and appreciation on the role of JCW and PMY. They deserve much more award for HEALER. Kudos to the production staff!

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