[Drama] Ji Chang Wook in a daze after kissing in “Healer”


“Healer” Ji Chang Wook is suffering from the aftereffects of his kiss with Park Min Young.

The night messenger Seo Jung Hu is steadily starting to experience the feeling of love in the drama “Healer”. A still cut of Ji Chang Wook’s “3 stages of mental breakdown from the aftereffects of kissing” was revealed. (LOL!)

In the revealed stills, Ji Chang Wook looked like all energy had left his body as he is slumped on a bench with the snow falling around him. Ji Chang Wook’s eyes that are round like a puppy’s have lost focus as he stares into space. As Ji Chang Wook touches his lips lightly with one hand and with an expression of deep thought, people are curious as to what could have given him a mental breakdown to such an extent.

The reason for his mental breakdown was revealed to be the aftereffect of his kiss with Park Min Young in episode 8 of “Healer” that was aired on 30 December.
In the previous episode, Seo Jung Hu shared a sweet and affectionate kiss with Chae Young Shin in the snow after saving her from danger in the falling elevator. The scene was dubbed as “snow kiss”, “hat kiss”, “Spiderman kiss”, “thief’s kiss”, and “rooftop kiss” etc, and sent audiences into a flurry of excitement.  

With such a memorable kiss scene along with the reveal of the image of Seo Jung Hu suffering from the aftereffects of his kiss in episode 9, there is now greater anticipation to see how Seo Jung Hu’s and Chae Young Shin’s pink romance will play out in the future.
A representative of “Healer” said, “This is a scene that shows Seo Jung Hu opening his heart to Chae Young Shin without even knowing it himself. This is expected to excite viewers greatly, so please show lots of interest in the show.”


*The choice of words in Korean press releases sure are interesting. Hehe

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