[Eng Sub] 20150103 Entertainment Weekly – Ji Chang Wook


Ji Chang Wook made his first variety show appearance of the year on Entertainment Weekly, where he was chosen as the star that will shine in 2015. 

On the show, he thanked his stuntman for helping him out in “Healer” and verified his “gangster shoulders” status (he already had his shoulder length measured before at his Taiwan fan meeting though). He may have gangster shoulders, but he certainly isn’t cut out to be a gangster seeing how he got scared out of his wits on such a harmless talk show.


One would think he had seen a cockroach on the table.


Watch the video with English subtitles (the first part are highlights from the Drama Awards ceremony, followed by the interview):

^He looks like he’s about to get strangled by the lady behind, but don’t worry, it’s not a horror movie. No parental guidance needed. 

Video edited and subbed by Gabby. Do not reupload.

A frightening experience it may have been. but let’s hope his first variety show appearance of the year does not become his last.


I had so much fun screencapping this video (which explains why this post was put up so late):

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  1. Thanks so much! I like your website very much and because of your website and how a devoted fan you are, you made me a more avid JCW fan 🙂

  2. Thanks so much. I’m dying from laughing here :))
    He’s so cute and funny !

    I love your website !! really enjoy watching/reading his interviews 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for the fast english sub of this interview. I enjoyed watching it raw as JCW looks so cute responding to that lie detector.

  4. Thank you for updating us!! it’s quite difficult to get English subbed updates and interview! 🙂

  5. OMG he is so freaking adorable!

    Anyone who’s not a professional stuntman would have his same fears so the fact that he does do some of his own stunts is already praiseworthy!

    I cracked up at his “because I get paid” and his reaction to the “lie-detector”

  6. Hi Gabby,i appreciate your hard work with translation..thank you!I’m wondering if you have Jcw speech translation during Mbc award 2013?

  7. Hi Gabby, thank you very much for this amazing site. You have worked hard really in coming up with those interviews and videos with English subs. More power to you and to JCWKitchen. I am now a fan of this site as much as i am a fan of our dearest JCW!

    More power to you and looking forward to your future posts.

  8. Thank you so much Gabby. You are amazing. Thank you for letting me know more about this wonderful guy and love all your sub videos and discription. Love you! You are very much appreciated.

  9. JCW wishes to dominate the entertainment world this year, so I think he might not join the army in July 2015. It’s too early. I want to see more of him!!

  10. I really like your website because i am fans of JCW to and i just want suport you to alwasy give us a good news about JCW keep FIGHTING^♡^

  11. New fan of JCW! Keep up the amazing work on JiChangWookKitchen!! Thanks for all your hard work gathering everything about JCW and not to mention translating it all too. You rock!

  12. I really love watching him scared of the lie detector..he look like a baby..and of course the laugh that contingous…
    I really love this guy… 🙂

  13. LOL! cuteness galore!! he’s like a jumpy kitten. i just love his being so candid.
    thanks, Gabby. you and Cherkell are amazing!!!

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