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“Healer” Ji Chang Wook invited Park Min Young to a secret venue.

The production team of Healer revealed stills showing Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young enjoying a date under a blanket at a secret location.

The stills show the scene to be aired in episode 10 tonight, where Jung Hu invites Young Shin to a secret location so that the two could spend time alone together. Netizens are excited to hear that Jung Hu will be attempting to confess to Young Shin tonight.

In the revealed pictures, Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young are seen sharing a blanket. The two of them look especially warm sitting side by side on the sofa drinking beer, with a fire burning in a drum barrel.

Here, Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young give off a sweet romantic vibe with their shoulders touching each other affectionately with a smile.

The two of them took care of each other at the filming that took place in the freezing weather, but their look of passion made the set warmer.


In another set of pictures released, Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young are seen infiltrating into a press conference where Kim Eui Chan, who forcefully demanded sex from Joo Yeon Hee, is about to announce his decision to run for office as mayor of Seoul.

Park Min Young is seen wearing a black trench coat in front of numerous reporters, looking at somewhere with a stern expression. Dressed in a black suit, Ji Chang Wook is filming something with his camera. But Ji Chang Wook is surrounded by people trying to stop him, raising anticipation to know just how important this report is to Park Min Young and Ji Chang Wook.

On the other hand, Yoo Ji Tae is sitting alone somewhere else and has his eyes focused on something in front of his microphone with a composed look. What catches the eye especially are their serious and fierce expressions. What story is Ji Chang Wook, Park Min Young and Yoo Ji Tae trying to tell?


Ji Chang Wook will also be showing an outburst of emotions in “Healer” tonight.

The production team released a still showing a meeting between Ji Chang Wook and Oh Gwang Rok.

In the drama, Seo Jung Hu has started to question about the death of his father who used to run a pirate radio station. He had discovered a photo of his father taken with his friends at the home of Choi Myung Hee and Kim Moon Shik who has framed him for murder. His doubts have increased because Choi Myung Hee had mistakenly called him with his father’s name.

In the previous episode, Seo Jung Hu wanted to ask his master Ki Young Jae about whatever he was curious about, but was unable to meet him. Episode 10 that will be aired tonight is gaining interest for the meeting between these two and the sight of Ji Chang Wook venting his pent-up anger.

In the revealed pictures, the sight of Seo Jung Hu making an effort to suppress his pent-up frustration and anger attracts attention. For Seo Jung Hu who had always been living calmly without showing an interest in anyone, his expression of emotions draws sympathy.

Seeing Ki Young Jae standing with his back to Seo Jung Hu who is breaking down after venting his anger, makes people even more curious. There is increased anticipation as to what Ki Young Jae could have said to make Seo Jung Hu unable to suppress his anger.

On this day, Ji Chang Wook showed a surprising degree of concentration and showed explosive acting skills as he emoted, making the people watching him at the scene hold their breath. A filming representative said “Ji Chang Wook earned praises from the staff with his great emotional acting skills.”


Another still shows Ji Chang Wook passionately filming an action scene for episode 10 in a building with his whole body covered with dust.

In a filming that took place at Cheongju city, the actor and staff had to suffer filming amid dust so thick that it was difficult to even keep one’s eyes open. There was even more dust because it was an action scene that required a lot of movement, but Ji Chang Wook was not bothered one bit and focused on his stunts.

When the cameras stopped rolling, Ji Chang Wook showed concern for the staff who were coughing and took care of them. He did not show any signs of tiredness despite the long filming hours and energised the set with his bright smile.

A representative of Ji Chang Wook said, “Although there are many difficult scenes to film as he plays Healer who holds a special kind of job, the atmosphere at the set is good because Ji Chang Wook is always having fun acting. His relationship with the staff is especially good, so we can expect to see many good scenes.”

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  1. Thankyou for the report and for this site.. i do really love Ji Chang Wook and he deserved more and love and support. He is an awesome actor ♥_♥

  2. The scene with his Teacher is my favourite in Ep 10. Of course the confession scene was sweet and heart fluttering but that anguish, torment and revelation SJH had in that scene with his Teacher was superb.

    My emotions went up & down together with SJH as he went from asking why Teacher never contacted him once during the years he was away, was it because he was a chore? Teacher had forgotten about him? To revealing that he knew his dad committed suicide all along and he tried to ask his mother but couldn’t because his mom always cry when she sees him. Then seeing him at the verge of breakdown admitting that he had nothing to live for, thinking that maybe one day he might just commit suicide like his dad. To the disbelief and pain to hear that his dad was a murder, he a thief.. with truths that hurts so bad it’s probably shredding him into a million pieces inside.

    That scene.. is just classic.

  3. thanks for news…
    Healer is one of the best Kdramas 2015 (if not the best of all so far).. it has exceeded all expectations . it’s a complete package : it has suspence , touchy romance , very good plot and an exquisite main cast .

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