[Drama] Ji Chang Wook transforms again with suit and hip-hop fashion


The production team of “Healer” unveiled still cuts of Ji Chang Wook disguised as a professional office worker and university student, showing the force of the industry’s best courier, Healer. 

In the revealed pictures, Ji Chang Wook shows fashion styles that are total opposite of each other and also channels a totally different feel. Firstly, he sports a faultless and neat hairstyle with an all-black suit, showing an intellectual charm along with a matching pair of glasses.

Contrary to this, he wears a snap-back cap and a lively jumper in another scene, showing a carefree attitude. He speaks to someone as he swaggers with a pair of headphones on his head, channeling a feel that is entirely different from prim and proper office worker earlier.

Ji Chang Wook plays Healer who possesses a keen sense of judgement and quality fighting skills, catching audience’s attention with his grand action stunts and chameleon-like ability to disguise himself. Ji Chang Wook, who will transform himself masterfully in episode 11, is expected to make the show more interesting with his camouflage ability.

Moreover, this stirs interest as to what could be the reason for Healer to take the risk to disguise himself as an office worker and university student, and what information he is after.


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