[Instagram Update] 12 January 2015


9:56pm KST
아!!! 빨리빨리!!!!!!
힐러!!!! 본방사수!!!!!!!!!!
#힐러 #11회 #본방사수 #난아직도촬영

Ah!!! Quick quick!!!!!!
Healer!!!! Watch the live broadcast!!!!!!!!!!
#Healer #Episode11 #Watch the live broadcast #I’m still filming

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4 thoughts on “[Instagram Update] 12 January 2015

  1. Thanks all jichangwookkitchen crews for translating all the newest updates about Ji Chang Wook 🙂
    Good job!

  2. aw, so cute. you must be tired. I hope there’ll be english subtitle for ep 11 sooner. Just so excited ♥ I love Wookie so very much ^^

  3. Thank you for the quick translation. I’m currently watching the live stream of ep 11. Awwww! Poor baby he must be so tired.

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