[Instagram Update] 12 January 2015


9:56pm KST
아!!! 빨리빨리!!!!!!
힐러!!!! 본방사수!!!!!!!!!!
#힐러 #11회 #본방사수 #난아직도촬영

Ah!!! Quick quick!!!!!!
Healer!!!! Watch the live broadcast!!!!!!!!!!
#Healer #Episode11 #Watch the live broadcast #I’m still filming

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4 thoughts on “[Instagram Update] 12 January 2015

  1. Thank you for the quick translation. I’m currently watching the live stream of ep 11. Awwww! Poor baby he must be so tired.

  2. aw, so cute. you must be tired. I hope there’ll be english subtitle for ep 11 sooner. Just so excited ♥ I love Wookie so very much ^^

  3. Thanks all jichangwookkitchen crews for translating all the newest updates about Ji Chang Wook 🙂
    Good job!

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