[Drama] Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young excite viewers with a midnight hug


Ji Chang Wook’s passionate hug with Park Min Young has become a talking point.

The hugging scene of the Ji Chang Wook-Park Min Young couple, popular among viewers with a fresh romance that sets hearts aflutter in “Healer”, has been revealed.

The pictures revealed this time show the scene to be aired in episode 12, where Jung Hu looks for Young Shin in the middle of the night and embraces her. On this day, Young Shin offers dinner and a bed to Jung Hu who came to look for her, drawing interest from viewers.

In the revealed pictures, the unusual look in Ji Chang Wook’s eyes increases the sadness and piques curiosity. Park Min Young’s strange and flustered expression as she is wrapped in his broad shoulders also make viewers excited.

Currently, the love line between the two is getting more passionate as Jung Hu, who had no concern for the world, opens his heart to Young Shin only. The hand skinship scene between Jung Hu and Young Shin that caused more excitement than a kiss also drew much attention.

The fate of Healer, who had no choice but to hide his identity in order not to make Young Shin an accomplice, also draws sympathy from viewers.

Meanwhile, episode 11 of “Healer” recorded its best-ever viewership ratings, taking the number 1 spot in its time slot.”Healer” is drawing interest as to whether it can continue to maintain its popularity.

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5 thoughts on “[Drama] Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young excite viewers with a midnight hug

  1. Probably the best scene ever! That locked hand in the theatre (ep11) and that hand kinship in ep 12, WOW. Right, i never knew a holding will such be an intense and as passionate as a kiss or a hug. The hug too is quiet passionate, you can feel the longing in JH.

    AWWWW, this show has so much “feels” can’t take them anymore LOL!

  2. The hand scene was so so intense. I never knew holding hands could ever be that insanely romantic. ❤ & oh, what a lucky girl she is! I wish I could hug his broad shoulders! I would love be squeezed in his arms~

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