[Instagram Update] 17 January 2015


5:40pm KST
오늘은 그날들 막공…!
이제 대학로로 넘어가는중!!
차막혀ㅠ 빨리빨리ㅠㅠㅠ
#그날들 #막공 #힐러에서무영이로

Today is the final performance of “The Days”…!
I’m now on the way to Daehakro!!
Traffic jam ㅠ Quick quick ㅠㅠㅠ
#TheDays #Final performance #From Healer to Muyeongie #Transform


11:45pm KST

그날들 막공을 마치고..
너무나도 즐거운 시간이였다는것을
그리고 너무많은 사랑을 받고있다는것을
다시 한번깨달으면서.. 너무 감사합니다..! 행복의 시작은 그리움이다! 그리움이없다면 행복해질수없어! -박범신작가님

어떤한분의 편지에서.. 감사합니다
모두 행복하세요^^ @행복하다

“The Days” final performance has ended..
The fact that it has been a really enjoyable time
And the fact that I have been receiving so much love
I have come to realise these once again..thank you very much..! A longing is the beginning of happiness! If there is no longing, one cannot be happy! – Writer Park Bom Shin

In a letter written by someone..thank you.
Everyone please be happy^^ @Happy

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  1. I would have loved to see a live performance of “the days”…but Korea is so far far away … such a pity…I wouldn’t understand most of what their saying anyway 😦

  2. Hi JCW! Congratulations for ‘The Days’ musical and also the ongoing ‘Healer’! Keep up your great works!😊

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