[Musical] Ji Chang Wook wraps up “The Days” performances in Seoul


After almost four months of performances on stage as the bodyguard Kang Mu Yeong, Ji Chang Wook and the rest of the team have finally wrapped up their performances of the musical “The Days” in Seoul.

Just before the final performance, Ji Chang Wook and his co-star, Kang Tae Eul, managed to squeeze in enough time for a short video to thank everyone who came to support them.  

Now THAT was a hearty laugh indeed.

As he mentioned in the video, this will not be the last of his appearances as Mu Yeong since “The Days” will continue to hold shows in the other cities outside of Seoul.

So far, Incheon and Jeonju have been confirmed to be the first two stops of their nationwide tour. Performances will be held in Incheon and Jeonju in February and March respectively. Ji Chang Wook is not involved in the Incheon performances, while his participation in the Jeonju performances in March are still pending confirmation.

We will continue to keep a lookout for updates on his performances in the other cities, and details will be shared at The Kitchen once we have them.


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  1. Thank you so much for this site ❤ i think i love JCW more because of you guys ^~^
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  2. i’m really enjoying the Healer a lot.The male leads are totally running the show. and Chang Wookssi is always a dream!!!!!

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