[Drama] “Healer” Ji Chang Wook vents his anger in the car


Ji Chang Wook explodes with anger in “Healer”.

The production team of “Healer” revealed still cuts of Ji Chang Wook showing his deep fury in the car at night.

In episode 12 of “Healer” aired on the 13th, Secretary Oh used Seo Jung Hu’s mother to set a trap for him. Although he knew it was a trap, Jung Hu still ran towards his mother to save her and the episode ended with him collapsing after getting injured by the Double S guards, drawing warm interest for the next episode.

In the teaser for episode 13, Ji Chang Wook could be heard saying the line “I’m going to Kim Moon Shik’s house to kill him” with a low and cold voice and he was also shown hitting the car’s steering wheel, making the audience curious about the events that will unfold.

The stills revealed today show Ji Chang Wook looking angry in the car at night. Ji Chang Wook’s eyes that are sharp and filled with fury grab attention. Ji Chang Wook with his eyes filled with overwhelming sadness draw sympathy and sadness from audiences.


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  1. Vow Healer ep 13 and 14 what a climax you need to show?
    Please do not press the audience heart give us a break and sweet scenes, no more tears.

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