[Drama] Park Min Young starts to get suspicious of Ji Chang Wook’s identity in “Healer”


Park Min Young starts to bear suspicion towards Ji Chang Wook’s identity in “Healer”.

The production team of “Healer” revealed a still cut of Seo Jung Hu carried to the emergency room with Chae Young Shin beside him wearing a look of suspicion on her face.

In the released pictures, Seo Jung Hu is lying on the bed looking pale. Chae Young Shin stares at him with a sad look in her eyes that are also filled with worry, while also unable to hide her curiosity as she cranes her neck, seemingly suspicious.
In episode 12, Seo Jung Hu was faced with a desperately dangerous situation. He was attacked as he fell for the trap set by Kim Moon Shik in a bid to save his mother. A mysterious man barely managed to save him, and Seo Jung Hu who managed to escape lost consciousness and collapsed. Kim Min Ja who detected Seo Jung Hu’s critical condition contacted Chae Young Shin, telling her that “Park Bong Su is in danger.”

From the perspective of Young Shin, it is inevitable that she gets suspicious of Park Bong Su’s actions. While in the car with her, he disappeared after saying that he had an urgent matter, and while his whereabouts were unknown, she suddenly receives a call from an unknown woman telling her that Park Bong Su is in danger. Moreover, she meets an unconscious Park Bong Su with an injury on his arm.

Surrounded by unusual circumstances, the audience are interested to see how Chae Young Shin will react to Park Bong Su now that she’s suspicious of him, and how Seo Jung Hu will explain his situation to her when he wakes up.

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  1. like many ohter netizens, i also prefered YS to love Bongsookie as he is.. before finding out that he is infact the Superman of her life. to me, the identity of Bongsookie is as saddening as Healer, for actually none of them both is Junghoo… Junghoo is no-face, no-past,no-friends, no-needs, no-identity,not to mention no need to love and be loved.. so sad. so more than need someone to love him, quess he also needs to love ,to be able to give, and be able to feel pain, and be able to willing to be hurt. … with Bongsookie, he can started to feel all these… bongsookie as he drunk in the inability to reveal his emotion for YS, that his neardeath sacrifice IS NOT FOR MONEY,… and finally willing to face himself that it is enough, he needs to be understood also, and to be allowed and able to touch someone with his love too…. so, i would hope that YS continue to suspect, but don’t find out too fast… but started to apprecaite BONGsookie a little by little first.

  2. Hawmaygawd! I dunno how to explain my fascination with this drama. The story is just a little above average. It’s a combination of all things good that made the end product great. Then add a little dash of JCW magic as he is pretty new to me. I’m like discovering him the same way as Young Shin. He is a “familiar” mystery that I want to unravel and get to know better.

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