[Weibo] Ji Chang Wook joins Weibo + 19 & 20 January 2015 Weibo updates


After his manager briefly hinted about it, Ji Chang Wook finally opened a Weibo account!

Given his growing fan base in China and Taiwan, it seems like only a matter of time before he does so since Twitter is banned in China. A Weibo account will therefore grant him direct access to reach out to his fans in China.

His first post on Weibo was a video greeting announcing the creation of his Weibo account. 

19 January 2015:


(Translation) Hello everyone! I am Ji Chang Wook, I’ve opened a Weibo, thank you everyone for showing interest in me all this while!

Hello, this is actor Ji Chang Wook.
I finally have my own Weibo account.
I’m really thankful for giving me so much support and interest.
I’m also very happy to have such an avenue to greet you all.
Please show lots of interest in my Weibo account in the future.
Please guide me along. Thank you.

Video upload credit to Lim Min Jin

20 January 2015:


안녕하세요 반가워요!! 웨이보에서 자주만납시다!! 사진은 내맘대로..ㅋㅋㅋ

(Translation) Hello nice to meet you!! Let’s meet often on Weibo!! The photo is as how I like it..ㅋㅋㅋ


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5 thoughts on “[Weibo] Ji Chang Wook joins Weibo + 19 & 20 January 2015 Weibo updates

  1. I am very happy for all the information in real time about JCW . Congratulations on this wonderful and competent staff . Voces are excellent.

    • Weibo was primarily launched as a Chinese language-based microblogging site (a mash-up of Facebook and Twitter), so at present there is no English version. An English version is rumoured to be in the beta-testing stage, but no release date has been announced. You can sign up in English, but all the posts will remain in modified Mandarin.

      • I’m amazed on how well you organize this site. You are truty his number one fan. I just followed him on weibo. Glad to see translations there and here that will help me understand what his messages mean

  2. Thank you for the translation! I started following him on Weibo though I don’t check on it often.

    So that is the full picture of that IG post! He also don’t like them girls with feet!

    In liking JCW, there’s no escape. No exit door in sight. Can’t even run from him.

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