[Drama] Behind the scenes of teary kiss in “Healer”


A behind-the-scenes cut of Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young’s teary kiss scene in “Healer” has been revealed. 

In episode 14 of “Healer”, the teary kiss ending where they confirmed their feelings towards each other became a hot topic. With that, the production team unveiled behind-the-scenes stills of the teary kiss. The scene was filmed on 18 January at a film set in Chungbuk province, Cheongju city. With this being an emotionally-charged scene, filming was done with great attention. Although the two actors are usually jovial mood-makers, they were focused even during the break time in order not to let their emotions get distracted. 


Prior to filming the scene, Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young placed their heads together and exchanged opinions to grasp the emotion, and they showed sad tears and along with the kiss once filming started. Their breathtaking affection moved the hearts of the staff.

Moreover, in one of the scenes, the hug between Seo Jung Hu and Chae Young Shin in bed was a 200% realistic reflection of the icy cold film set. In the film set that was as cold as outdoors, the warm sight of the two actors hugging each other tightly made the set warmer.


The production team of “Healer” said, “The two actors did not show any sign of tiredness despite the long hours and their passion allowed filming to be completed quickly. Now that the love line between the two has officially begun with the kiss scene, we hope you will show lots of interest to see how their romance will develop in the future.”



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  1. I can’t say anything more cuz the comments had explicitly described how well “Healer” has affected the viewers. Congrats to the production staff and the best couple JCW and PMY. Looking forward for more awards….

  2. This ep is really killing me…JCW & PMY both nailed it! And it keeps me glued, watching it over & over again! Thanks to u both for sharing this…looking forward for more!

  3. Thanks for sharing! I’ve replayed the last 10 minutes of episode 14 like a million times!! I just can’t get enough of how sad/beautiful/endearing/heartfelt/amazing they both were.

  4. Wow! was wonderful watching this episode , there was so much complicity between the actors who for a moment believed to be experiencing a reality and not a fiction. Ji Wook Chard surprises every scene, he becomes a giant in its playability , enriching the character and thrilling .

  5. Thanks for the pics! Wow the cuddle, the kiss, they are surreal. I love how these two brilliant actors worked hard to give us one of the best “kiss scene” in the kdrama, so full of emotions, passion, somewhat sensual and yet endearing….

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