[Report] Rice Support for Ji Chang Wook in “Healer”

The Press Conference for the KBS2 drama “Healer” was held on 4 December 2014 at the Raum Centre in Seoul, and we here at The Kitchen participated in our very first Rice Support project for Ji Chang Wook!

For those not in the know, you may be wondering, “What the heck is a Rice Support?” A long-time tradition with any Korean drama/musical/other special event press conference is the presentation of what are called “donation rice wreaths” arranged by various fan groups on behalf of a certain actor/actress starring in such drama. The rice sacks are then collected after the press conference ends, and the actor/actress then decides where their rice will be donated, usually to help the less fortunate. Hence, Rice Support is not only a way for fans to show support to their idol, but it is also a charitable contribution to society.

After seeking permission from Glorious Entertainment and confirming the details of the press conference with them, we went ahead to place our order with Dreame, one of the leading rice support companies in Korea.

Size of our order: 20kg of rice
Banner message:
Left – “Ji Chang Wook’s Kitchen 지창욱 영어 팬사이트” (Ji Chang Wook’s Kitchen. Ji Chang Wook’s English Fan Site)
Right – “우리 에게 힐링이 되는 힐러! 배우 지창욱과 <힐러> 대박을 기원합니다! ” (The Healer who gives us healing! May actor Ji Chang Wook and “Healer” be a daebak success!)

There we are on the left!

Although our 20kg of rice seems meager, we’re nonetheless happy to say that we were very pleased with the results of our contribution. (After all, we’d like to believe that it’s the thought that counts.)  And from the smile on his face, it looks like Chang-wook is pleased as well.  As you can see, there were other foreign fans who also sent in their own rice wreaths. There were so many donations in his name that the entire street leading up to the entrance of the Raum Centre was completely overtaken with rice support for Our Healer!

JCW Rice 7

JCW Rice 9

A total of 1.18 tonnes of rice were sent to the venue by fans of the main leads that day, with Ji Chang Wook fans contributing 920kg as a whole.

Grand total: 1.18 tonnes

Total from Ji Chang Wook’s various fan bases: 920kg

A couple of weeks after the event, Dreame reported that the 920kg worth of rice from Ji Chang Wook’s fans have been donated to the Manan-gu district office in his home town of Anyang on 19th December 2014. How nice is it to see Ji Chang Wook giving back to the people back at his hometown! 🙂

JCW Rice 5

JCW Rice 6

Now, some of you may ask why The Kitchen did not get more fans involved in this project.

Firstly, our site is still relatively new, having set up only in July last year.  We also do not have experience in organising fan projects, and we wanted to try out something simple for our first attempt at doing one.  After all, if this had not turned out to be a success, at least it would only be us incurring a loss and we won’t have fans banging on our doors asking for their money back, right?  We had been toying with the idea of showing our support to Ji Chang Wook through some concrete action that would be feasible and not appear too ambitious for a small site like ours, so a rice support proved to be the obvious choice for us.

Secondly, The Kitchen only consists of the two of us, and we do not have the ability to initiate such a huge undertaking of collecting funds from fans all over the world by ourselves.  A project such as this is not as simple as sending out an email asking for money towards the cause; certain rules and regulations apply when it comes to collecting funds.  A special bank account has to be set up in order to deposit international funds requires a guaranty (deposit money ensuring the account is properly set up) must be provided to the banking authority, and then fees would be incurred to legally report to various governmental taxing agencies… well, we could not justify the costs of doing this with just us two in charge.  We’re sorry we could not include more fans in this project, but it was a decision made after much thought and we hope you respect our reasons for proceeding as we did.

All in all, it was a great project in which to get involved, and The Kitchen hopes to be able to participate with another Rice Support donation for Ji Chang Wook’s next project.  Thanks for reading!

Photos provided by: Dreame

11 thoughts on “[Report] Rice Support for Ji Chang Wook in “Healer”

  1. What an excellent job you’ve done and thanks for representing us here!!! It’s because of the show Healer that I became a fan of Ji Chang Wook and started my internet search. Thanks to your site, I’m quite updated and feel like I’m in for a good ride with you down the road. Hugs and best from the ahjumma in Toronto.

  2. you did a great job!!! always remember all big things start with the small things….just go on and you will notice it will continue to grow more, just keep spreading good work..fans of JCW really grateful and appreciates a lot with what you are doing….

  3. Hi, I too am a new fan of JCW. I was very happy to discover your site and now am doubly happy to know that you participated in the rice support. That’s great. Keep up the good work. I enjoy your news &updates. Thanks for subbing the BTS videos. This is a shout out from Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean. Take care

  4. Hi Ladies, I would have helped wholeheartedly if i knew about this support for our JCW 🙂 but understand what were your concerns at the same time!
    Next time, if you guys organize anything like this, i would love to help, very truly!
    since i am from Bhutan and i think it’s easier for me to reach out for you, i think i can join you guys for contributions like this!
    Love you guys and Love Ji Chang Wook! 🙂

  5. Such a wonderful gesture! to express your love and support as fans and at the same time do a great charitable deed together
    Admirable …Keep up the good work great ladies… JCW deserves it

  6. Thanks for this, I am a new fan of Ji Chang Wook having learned about him in Healer which i totally am obsessing right now lol. I look forward to more projects for him. I’ll definitely support your future projects for Chang Wook! Fighting!

  7. You did great! Arranging for fan supports, especially if you are not in Seoul, is no easy task. Another thing is that fans are – most of the time – given such a short notice for these kinds of events.

    It’s true. No matter the size, it’s the thought that counts.

  8. What a great endeavour! Please let us know if we can contribute in the future! I am certainly familiar w/ the rice support program. My son’s Tae Kwon Do school participated in a rice/meal packing event w/ a local Korean church to feed less fortunate North Korean children (yep, the rice was sent all the way fr South Florida!) It was a worthwhile experience. Keep up the good work!!

  9. Great work ladies!!! The JCW kitchen display looks great!!! Thank you for sharing the post and pictures and I completely understand trying out the initiative first. As always, I appreciate all of your hardwork and dedication to JCW and running this website. Thanks a lot!!

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