[Drama] 3-step transformation from Ji Chang Wook to Seo Jung Hu


Behind-the-scene stills of Ji Chang Wook’s differing charms as “Healer” have been revealed.

On the 24th, the production team of “Healer” revealed pictures showing the 3-step transformation of Ji Chang Wook who showed the various sides of him from the break time to the actual filming. 


In the pictures, Ji Chang Wook showed his various charms, from looking focused during acting to a mischievous look. While on stand-by, Ji Chang Wook gives a grin as he looks towards the camera. He captures attention with his good looks which include eyes that melt the hearts of women and distinct features.

In the consecutively released pictures, he is full of mischief as he gives a V sign to the staff while lying on the ground. Even though the waiting time got longer, he gives a big smile and the jovial attitude of Ji Chang Wook that he uses to interact with the staff created a harmonious atmosphere on the set.


But even though he jokes, he shows a professional side to him as he fully immerses in his character once filming began.

A representative of “Healer” said, “Ji Chang Wook has deeply analysed the character Seo Jung Hu and created him using his own style. Even with a busy filming schedule, he does not give in and works hard without showing any signs of laziness, and he even shows consideration to the staff, making us impressed with the various sides of Ji Chang Wook at the film set.”

Episode 15 of “Healer” that is slated to air on 26 January will be delayed by 10 minutes due to the 2015 AFC Asian Cup semifinal match between South Korea and Iraq. “Healer” will hence air at 10.10pm KST instead.

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  1. Awww…right, these melts my heart! Thanks for sharing! This guy has something distinct that set him apart from the rest…hmmm, I guess it’s those eyes, the way he stares lovingly is full of emotion! And ohhh.. just can’t ignore those mischievous smile, it sunk bulls eye right into my heart!

    • hi mpc226, you just read my thoughts, those eyes, those captivating eyes, and the smile, it literally makes me scream and spazz and yeah he is beautiful and adorable, ahhhh JCW what are you doing in our lives LOL!

  2. Such is the life of an actor! 🙂 I remembered feeling anxious at this scene & he’s smiling.. Thank you so much Gabby! 🙂

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