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8 thoughts on “[Weibo Update] 25 January 2015

  1. Hi Gabby, Thank you for the post!!

    I was wondering if you could translate one video I found of him a while back. I’m very curious to know what he is saying. If that’s not too much to ask for, please do so!!

    • Hello, we are actually quite busy at the moment. For now and probably the month after Healer ends, our priority is to focus on the latest news about him since there are new updates almost everyday. There are lots and lots of old content about him that we will only have time to work on when he takes a break, or…when he goes to the army.

  2. Awww…this is just too cute. Love how he said he can’t dance but he seems to love dancing. Pictures are too adorable. Thanks for sharing. I can’t seem to express how much I love you guys setting up Ji Chang Wook’s Kitchen! Thank you so much!

  3. Haha He’s so cute!!! his caption is so funny!!!
    I remembered that he said in the interview that he could not dance..^^!

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