[Instagram Update] 26 January 2015

10:22am KST

부제:힐러가 소세지를 만났을때


후아…. #소세지 #먹는거로장난침

Title: Cold city
Subtitle: When Healer meets sausage

Kill Me Heal Me + Healer = Killer Healer

Hoo Ah…

#Sausage #Using food to joke
#I will get scolded by mom

7 thoughts on “[Instagram Update] 26 January 2015

  1. Thanks Girls(Gabby and Cherkell) for putting up this blog.. 😉 digging up all the old post, that I missed.. Im new to actor JCW world.^^

    He is the first Korean Actor I followed in Instagram^^ Thanks for translating it.^^ Im enjoying reading it all.^^

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