[Drama] Ji Chang Wook meets up with a mysterious man in “Healer”


Ji Chang Wook starts to investigate his father’s case in “Healer”.

In episode 16 of “Healer” to be aired tonight, Seo Jung Hu starts to pursue the old case to prove his father’s innocence.


In the released pictures, Seo Jung Hu meets up with a mysterious man. Seo Jung Hu grabs a man’s collar with a look of urgency as an unusual mood hangs in the air. This makes viewers curious about the man’s identity and whether he holds the key to the death of his father in 1992. In yet another picture, Seo Jung Hu is seen in a tensed situation as he is confronted with a group of men. This raises interest in the events following Seo Jung Hu’s sudden confrontation with the men.

A representative said “Despite the busy filming schedule, Ji Chang Wook gives his all to deliver realistic action. Episode 16 is expected to have developments that are more romantic than any other episode. More unexpected situations will occur between the leads and these men as they make their way closer to the truth.”

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  1. I like how this site drops news about the drama without spoiling it. this what I love most about the site. thank you so much for your perceptiveness. keep it up, you guys! 😀

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