[Magazine] KWave No. 48: Celebrity Story 14 – All About Ji Chang Wook


K Wave magazine has released an online feature about Ji Chang Wook in their mobile app, which covers, as the title suggests, “All About Ji Chang Wook”.

On top of a free hardcopy magazine, KWave also has a mobile app where they release English features of various Korean celebrities and Kpop artistes each week.

My gripe about the miserable number of pictures included in the December issue of the hardcopy magazine probably didn’t go unheard, because the online feature comprises of 59 pages worth of content about Ji Chang Wook (although his feature is still considerably shorter than those of other celebrities you will see in the app, pffffft. But one must not be greedy).

In the feature, you will find his interview with KWave, links to various videos (of which many can be easily found on YouTube), old pictures of him, plus a detailed biography of his career thus far (which shouldn’t be unfamiliar to you if you’ve read his profile page on our site, but nonetheless handy for new fans of him).

Although this page would have included most of the juicy information from the feature, those of you who would like to read the full feature of him will have to download the KWave app on your mobile device.

The app is available on iOS and Android devices.


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13 thoughts on “[Magazine] KWave No. 48: Celebrity Story 14 – All About Ji Chang Wook

  1. If i ‘ll be asked , what one word that best describe him……”ADMIRABLE”

    I sincerely pray he’ll keep his feet on the ground as he is now and be blessed with angels to keep him stay on track. I guess, he posseses a soild good foundation in life , enough to be a good person, not to please others, but just to be on the side of good example of a human being is admirable enough. let alone , exceptionally humble is a good path to follow. Hey, no pressure JCW, simply giving you a complement. Take it with honor.

    If given a chance to have a son, i would love to him to follow what’s that admirable mean. God bless!

    thanks again admin.

  2. Hi there! I’m a new fan.. I just want to say thank you for this site and for all the efforts.. I really want to know more about him..

  3. Let me first thank gabby and cherkell for this website. Great job, ladies! Many thanks for bringing Ji Chang Wook closer to those of us who do not understand Korean 🙂 I have heard of JCW since his Donghae days but never really took much notice until Empress Ki came along. With so many interviews already out there, I agree with many that JCW is a cut above the rest of the actors of his generation. Not many actors today are so versatile and well-rounded as he is. His high standards of work ethics, ridiculously good looks (JCW has always been handsome, but I admit he looks even better today), sincerity and courtesy to people he comes across, and his vocal prowess make such an attractive package and asset in the Korean entertainment industry. I am glad that he has always been so mindful of the reason he became an actor in the first place, for this continues to guide him in his career decisions, and that he has never been swayed by money or the lure of more popularity. He is letting his work speak for itself, and I find his philosophy so refreshing and inspiring. Wishing JCW all the best 🙂

    • Ditto! JCW is definitely a bright rising star in Asia. I read somewhere that one of JCW’s favorite movies is “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” in which Brad Pitt stars. As quality an actor as Brad Pitt is in the States, for that matter around the world, I am expecting JCW to be of equal caliber. Go, go, go JCW! We are behind you.

  4. I love his smile so much..Just like he brings the sunshine to me!.So Cute…Everytime I saw his smiles,I definitely smiled too!..So comfortable!

  5. I think his charm also comes with knowing what he is good at and needs improvement in. I don’t mind that he doesn’t appear on entertainment shows because he understands how he is as a person. I loved him on Running Man because he was so naive, innocent and really cute. But that is an issue when we all love him and want him to be a rising star, not because he is handsome but because he is extremely talented in acting. Keep up the great work JCW!!!

  6. Thanks for the info, I already downloaded it to my phone. Im so happy for this ‘coz I’ve got to know JCW more, plus the pictures are great… I love him so much! Thanks a lot and more power to your team and Ji Chang Wook forever! ♥♡♥

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