[Drama] Ji Chang Wook sings for “Healer” OST

Actor Ji Chang Wook is shown participating in the OST for the KBS2 drama “Healer.”

On 28 January, the production team released photographs of Ji Chang Wook recording part 6 of the “Healer” OST.

Part 6 of the “Healer” OST sung by Ji Chang Wook is a song that portrays Seo Jung Hu’s feelings for Chae Young Shin (Park Min Young). It is a sad ballad by the lonely Seo Jung Hu who confesses that he only has eyes for Young Shin, lives for Young Shin, and that he will love and protect her.

During the recording session that took place on 21 January, Ji Chang Wook perfectly delivered the sad ballad with his distinctive soulful vocals, making the staff impressed. He also showed his serious attitude by sharing opinions with the song’s composer and carefully checking the lyrics several times during the recording.

Fully immersed within his character Seo Jung Hu, Ji Chang Wook expressed the subtle emotions with his melodious voice, which gave him rave reviews from those involved, including music director Lee Pil Ho.  Above all, Ji Chang Wook is well-acquainted with Seo Jung Hu’s feelings more than anyone else, and the affectionate love story he sings is expected to add more depth to the show.

In this regard, a representative of “Healer” said “Even with a heavy filming schedule, Ji Chang-wook gave his best effort without showing any signs of tiring, and the recording was successfully completed thanks to him. With standards comparable to any top singer, his attractive voice and outstanding singing ability will bring tears to the hearts of audiences.”

Ji Chang Wook’s “Healer” OST Part 6 is scheduled to be released through various music sites in early February.*

*The title of the OST and exact release date have not been released yet.

Credit:  OSEN

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  1. wow…have been waiting for the next ep but also got ti hear his song…..really loved the song to the butterfly from empress ki….keeping listening to it……gumao chang wook….

  2. I have this gut feeling that he will have a piece in the Healer OST. AND I’m RIGHT! so love to hear the confirmation. THANKS!

    He is a such promising actor and singer. With his passion for his craft . He will go far . Definitely.
    JCW is the next to keep an eye on, to hit the international market.
    I’ll never let him go and invest more on him if he is under my agency. My feasibility study says so. :):):)

  3. OMG, I can’t wait to hear this! Why it seems I am so consumed with this waiting in this drama…waiting for the next ep….waiting for this ost… always living me hanging! Oh, it’s killing me already, ughhhhhh

  4. ‘Healer’ would fit as the title for the song though…but again I’m looking forward to be captivated by Ji Chang Wook’s manly awesome voice…Daebakk!

  5. Chang Wook and Min Young showed a superb acting in these series and even the cast,production staff and the writer ,director gave us a brilliant stories to watch thank you somuch guys for this excellent drama that you provide keep up the good works

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