[Instagram/Weibo Update] 28 January 2015


힐러 OST 기대기대!!!
#힐러 #서정후테마 #OST

Healer OST anticipate anticipate!!!
#Healer #Seo Jung Hu’s theme #OST
#Please look forward to it

힐러 ost 불렀어요 많이기대해주세용 곧 나와요!!!!! 오예!!

I sang the Healer OST. Please anticipate it a lot. It will be out soon!!!!! Oh yeah!!

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15 thoughts on “[Instagram/Weibo Update] 28 January 2015

  1. Yes.previous ost “To the butterfly” was good.I’m sure he will deliver another good Ost for us.This guy is so talented!

  2. many can LOOK , but cannot sing cannot act.
    some can sing but cannot act.
    a few can act but cannot sing.
    he can LOOK, can SING, can ACT.
    the sky is yours, Mr Ji, soar now.

    • can’t agree with u more Mary! Yes, he has the LOOKS, and definitely he SINGS well and he can dance! [MOD EDIT: No bashing of other actors on this site!!] ….But, JCW has all this! Where else can u find such guy who is endow with everything…JCW!…

    • 100% agree with you. JCW is such a talent in all aspect that he can brag all the way but no…he is still humble, and down to earth and that’s what i admire about him!!!

  3. I waiting for this OST who made all crews and staff healer tears after hear JCW sang, when will release?

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