[Drama] Stuntman Cho Kyungseob shares his thoughts about Ji Chang Wook


Recently, actor Ji Chang Wook has been performing difficult yet impressive action stunts in his drama “Healer”.

In his recent interview with “Entertainment Weekly”, he revealed the fears he faced while performing those stunts, and thanked his stunt double Kyung Seob for helping him out. He kept mentioning his stuntman’s name in the programme, making people curious about Kyung Seob.

The action stuntman Cho Kyung Seob, who assisted Ji Chang Wook in perfecting his action scenes, comes from the action school helmed by action director Jung Doo Hong, and has actively starred in the action scenes of various dramas and movies for four years.

Cho said, “I am always discussing with Ji Chang Wook as we film. Ji Chang Wook feels like a hyung I know who lives in the neighbourhood. He takes good care of me, so I’m always thankful. Compared to me personally acting out the action scenes, Ji Chang Wook hyung is more awesome because he acts the action scenes with the emotions of his own character, so I will talk a lot to Ji Chang Wook hyung and discuss about each of our roles.”

Adapted from Osen. This post only contains parts related to Ji Chang Wook. Please see original article for the full interview with Cho Kyung Seob.

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2 thoughts on “[Drama] Stuntman Cho Kyungseob shares his thoughts about Ji Chang Wook

  1. Well, I guess I just love him for being so effective.and truly a very versatile actor in it’s truest sense of that word having done different roles in the past…and this time, he proves he can do actions, too! Surely he will go a long way…kudos! And thanks for being so honest and sincere…

  2. I already love that he does most of his action scenes and asks for help when he needs it. He’s just so great in that sense. He’s not hiding the fact that he uses a stunt double so I love that about his personality. But I am curious as to what specific parts he uses a stunt double. Anybody know when? I am just super curious lol.

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