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It has been a little over 6 months since we started up Ji Chang Wook’s Kitchen, and since its inception on 5 July 2014, this little blog has taken off in ways we could have never imagined.  From a mere 150 views on our first post, we now welcome thousands of hungry visitors to the Kitchen each day, we remain humbled (and obviously gobsmacked) over your enthusiastic responses.  So we thank all you loyal readers who follow our ramblings here, and we hope to continue providing relevant content about Ji Chang Wook in the months ahead!

But with this overwhelming response comes some “growing pains” as well.  Soon we’ll be going through all our content on the site in order to fix little things like broken links and video playback issues.  Hopefully this upcoming scrub of the site will tighten up some of the items we’ve been wanting to fix for awhile, but time was not on our side.  And also because our readership has also grown in leaps and bounds, one of those items we’ve discussed is the need for some commenting guidelines to be put in place.  Please visit the following page for all the info:

The Kitchen’s Commenting Guidelines

This new page is meant as a guide to let you have an idea of what kind of discussion is allowed or not allowed on our site, which we hope can lighten our load in sifting through undesirable comments, and also to allow more of your comments to be approved and published.  We’d love to have more of you joining in discussions about Ji Chang Wook, but please do us a favour by adhering to the guidelines.  In fact, these are very common rules also adopted by other fan sites/fan bases, and it is not intended to be authoritarian censorship on our part.

And because Real Life rears its ugly head on us every now and then, this upcoming week of 1-8 February is going to be a really hectic and busy time for us Admins.  Updates may be less frequent and delayed during this week due to lack of time and Wi-Fi access, so we respectfully request your patience and understanding until we can stop long enough to fire up our computers.  But we will definitely be back to normal operations again in time for the finale of “Healer”!

Thanks again for visiting Ji Chang Wook’s Kitchen!

7 thoughts on “[Admin] Site updates and announcement

  1. Thanks for all ur hard works….& congrats! I am so happy to have chanced upon this blog and since then it has become a habit so hard to break… just as how much I love JCW, and so this blog! Keep up the good works guys…all the best! Thanks again….

  2. hi
    i want to thank u all for all the efforts u have made to build up this site
    really appreciated
    and this website become one of my daily checks on the internet
    thank you again ^_^

  3. we really thank you, our dear admins, for everything. and we wish all the best for this site! fighting!

  4. Hi Gabby and Chekell, so grateful for creating this website! My everyday habit eversiNce I discoveres this! Aja! #all4theloveofJCW

  5. Wow, for being less than a year old, you guys are doing an amazing job! I wouldn’t have guessed it! Thank you again for all your hard work, so glad I stumbled on your site!

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