[Instagram Update] 5 February 2015

4:10pm KST


얼마 안남았다…. #정후야

A few days left….  #Junghu-ah


얼마 안남았다 정후야…. 마지막까지..!

Junghu-ah…. not much more until the end..!


5:01pm KST

2월7일 FC MEN 바자회에 제가 드라마 다섯손가락때 입었던 수트를 경매에 기부하려고 합니다!!! 경매를통한 경매금액을 션 형님이 홍보대사로 있는 어린이 재활병원에 기부한다고 하네요… 아 참고로 그날 전 촬영스케쥴때문에 자선행사에 참여하지 못합니다ㅠㅠ 많은분들이 참여하는걸로 오해하고 계시더라구요 하지만 많이 관심가져주세요!!!

On 7 February at the FC Men Bazaar auction I will donate one suit I wore in my drama Five Fingers!!!  Goodwill ambassador Sean hyung-nim told me the amount of money from the auction will be donated to a children’s rehabilitation hospital. …Ah for your information, I won’t be able to attend the charity bazaar that day due to my filming schedule. ㅠㅠ Many people seem to be mistaken that I will be attending, but please give lots of support!!!

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  1. Congrats Ji Chang Wook!for being ranked #10 in China being most popular South Korean actor..he is catching up fast!

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